Vendor Payment Reconciliation

Vendor Payment Reconciliation

A vendor reconciliation account is a balance sheet account originate in the general ledger. This account is used to summarize the transactions found on the accounts payable sub-ledger and is also referred to as a control account.

Use the monthly statement provided through each vendor to reconcile your payables for that account. Print out an accounts payable summary for the vendor using your bookkeeping program. If you cannot print out an A/P report, use the vendor's invoices for balancing your statement. Associate the invoices on your statement to the invoices shown on the vendor's statement. Check off invoices that match on both statements.

Add any monthly service or interest charges from the vendor onto your statement.Deduct any invoices on the vendor's statement that were recently paid. If a payment was made a short while ago, it might not appear on the vendor's statement. In the same respect, there might be invoices on the vendor's statement that you have not yet received. These invoices must be added to your statement.

Circle any invoices that are shown on one statement that is not on the other statement. Demand copies of any invoices the vendor shows that you do not have a copy of. Ask for them to be e-mailed or faxed to you to avoid delays. If you have invoices on your statement that are not on the vendor's statement, confirm whether it is a mistake. If so, delete it from your statement Add and subtract the changes you made on each statement from the statement total. Compare the new totals. If they match, the accounts have remained reconciled. If the new totals do not match, a little further digging is required. Double check the additions and subtractions. Go over the invoices on each statement to find the discrepancy.

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