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Excel Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation is the process of comparing and matching figures from our accounting records against those presented on a bank statement. The purpose is to discover and correct any possible mistakes and inform the bank proximately if they have made an error or correct the discrepancy at our end. Timing differences are unavoidable subsequently you might have issued a cheque on the 1st October 2009 and it gets cleared on the 5th October 2009 by the bank. Performing bank reconciliation manually is time consuming and mistake prone. Excel offers an easy and quick technique to perform the procedure. We validate the use of a nested 'for... next' loop to implement bank reconciliaton.

First we define the starting row of the external loop. The first data in our records is then compared with all the records of the bank in the internal loop. Then the macro goes to the next record in the external loop and again compares all the bank records in the internal loop. If the cheque number and the amount in our records matches those of the bank the macro diplays "Matches!" in the quantified worksheet cell.

Bank reconcilations are very significant on the year end check list. While doing bank reconciliation you must take into account the outstanding checks or any checks in transit also. Using Excel to do reconciliation is simple and quick. Once the formulas are set then one just has to enter data and all is set Occasionally the bank sends out reconciliation statements, the purpose of bank reconciliation is to compare your personal bank account records with the bank's. Towards evade bouncing checks and possibly causing an overdraft, you require to make sure there are no discrepancies in your account.

Businesses make deposits and receive frequent receipts from their customers on a regular basis. Bank reconciliation is a highly intricate and time consuming process. Reconciling your bank account statement is a complete necessity even if it is a costly and time consuming task. We can benefit you to resolve discrepancies in your bank statement through performing complex procedures such as sorting numerous transactions through type or date, deducting mistakes or by adding deposits in transit.

Reconciling a checkbook can remain a tedious, but necessary task, particularly if you use debit or check cards and don't request receipts. Check your paper or online bank statements frequently and create an electronic record in Microsoft Excel so that you can contest any charges you didn't make and keep a record of your purchases and deposits. Having your bank reconciliation handy will be supportive at tax time and when you require to reference an exact fee, credit or debit transaction.

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