Accounts Reconciliation - Statement of Accounts (SOA) Reports

Statement of Accounts (SOA) Reports

The Statement of Account (SOA) is both a property tax bill and account summary. It displays all current and future property taxes due. It similarly details other important information, such as property exemptions and any credits.

Quarterly Statements of Account are mailed four times a year. They are usually sent a month before taxes is due on July 1st, October 1st, January 1st, and April 1st.

Semi-Annual Statements of Account are mailed twice a year, typically a month before taxes are due on July 1st and January 1st.

The following make up the Statement of Accounts (SOA) reporting package and contain details of accounting transactions posted to the financial accounting system for each unit code:

  • Transactional Detail Report
  • Balances through Budget Group and Subaccount Report
  • Balances through Budget Group Report
  • Monthly Income and Expenditures Workbook, contains the Monthly Income Report and Monthly Expenditures Report
  • Reconciliation Workbook, contains the Certification Worksheet and Supplemental Info Report
  • Subsequently the month's financial activities have closed; these reports are created for budget groups within each unit code and circulated as follows:

    NOTE: Even though the reports are consolidated by unit, each budget group must remain individually reviewed and reconciled.

    • Each report is saved into a main folder as a read-only file.
    • The Account Administrator and selected Reconciler receive an email — by the 7th business day of each month — that comprises a hyperlink to access the main file folder.
    • The Account Administrator or selected Reconciler should recover these reports from the main file folder and save them to another.


    These reports become editable once they are downloaded from the main file folder and saved to another location.

    Only the maximum recently closed month and prior month reports are obtainable in the main file folder.

    Moreover, reports at the sub divisional and divisional levels can remain retrieved through those individuals with that level of accountability.

    Those folders contain the following:

    Subdivisional folders contain a Balance through Budget Group report for each unit one level below that subdivision and one Monthly Income and Expenditures Workbook listing all budget groups within that subdivision.

    Divisional folders contain a Year-to-Date Balances through Subdivision report and one Monthly Income and Expenditures Workbook listing all budget groups within that division.

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