Reconcile Business Accounts

Reconcile Business Accounts

If you have ever balanced your checkbook, you have basic experience at reconciling accounts. Reconciling is an accounting term for taking information detained in two different places, your checkbook and your bank's record of your account, and making certain they show the same numbers. If the two accounts don't match, you look for what caused the difference, figure out which account is in mistake, and then make the essential corrections so the accounts agree again. The same basic awareness applies to business accounting.
Create standard processes and forms for reconciling accounts at your company. Anyone who works on the company finances must be able to look at accounts someone else has reconciled and understand what the other worker did and in what way they resolved any inconsistencies.

Reconcile Business Accounts, Payroll Account Reconciliation

Compare the entries in two related accounts; bank deposits and withdrawals with your company's bank statement, for instance, or payments from a customer compared to what they're supposed to have paid. Approach this at the level of individual accounts. If you do business with several banks, for instance, reconcile each account individually, rather than setting up one giant account on your books and corresponding all the bank statements against it.
Look for important inconsistencies between the two accounts. You'll require to define what's important for yourself and your employees before you start reconciliation;
Examine important inconsistencies and find the cause. It might be something as unimportant as a check deposited Aug. 30 that didn't clear the bank until Sept. 2, or it could specify a customer has suddenly become very late in paying what they owe. Adjust the accounts to reflect how much money it essentially holds and use the consistent forms to show people what you've done.

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