Reconciliation of Payroll Expenses FAQS

Reconciliation of Payroll Expenses FAQS

1.What is Reconciliation of Payroll Expenses?

Distribution of Payroll Expense Reconciliation – Thorough payroll expenses are revised eachmonth by the department for general propriety and to legalize the accurateness of the charges. For example, departments review the accuracy of employee names and pay rates, and/or forpossible other key entry errors.

2.What is Distribution of Payroll Expense Report (DOPE?)

The Distribution of Payroll Expense Report (DOPE) offers a detail of charges for the monthly General Ledger. The DOPE is created after the last compute of the month, during month-end processing. HR Control Units access the DOPE each month after month-end via the Data Warehouse, to reconcile their departmental payroll, i.e. compare input to the resulting Distribution of Payroll Expense – PPP5302. Departments are responsible for performing a monthly reconciliation of total salaries paid, as shown on the Distribution of Payroll Expense Report, to total salaries approved pursuant to departmental payroll/personnel records"

3.What do you mean byBest Practices‐Reconciling Payroll Expense?

Financial Services policy necessitates that salary and/or wage expenses arereconciled. In order to imitate to best practices for reconciling payroll expense, reconciliations must becompleted for every pay period as soon as possible after payroll expenses have interfaced into Advantage. Thereconciliations must be started prior to each pay day with the timely review of the On‐Cycle Payroll RegisterDashboard and finalized immediately following each pay day or when the Advantage interface has happened.